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3-Minuten Enterprise Video
Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll ;)
Donnerstag, 12.9.2002|DReffects|Quelle: treknews.de

Über drei Minuten Material aus der neuen Staffel Enterprise haben wir für Euch! Und die Produzenten gehen offenbar in die vollen: Nackte Hauptdarsteller, bessere Special-Effekte und vieles mehr. Neben Interviews mit Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) und Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) sind eine Vielzahl an Szenen aus Shockwave Teil 2 im Videoclip welcher in sensationeller DivX-Qualität zum Download bereit steht zu sehen. Herunterlanden könnt ihr den Clip hier:

002: Shockwave Part 2 Szenen / Interviews
DivX Video
Size: 11.79 Mb

Das Video ist im DivX5 Format - solltet ihr den Codec noch nicht besitzen könnt ihr ihn hier herunterladen.

Hier ist außerdem für Euch, solltet ihr nur geringe Bandbreite zur Verfügung haben eine Abschrift des Trailers - eine 3,11 MB große, aber qualitativ natürlich viel schlechtere Version findet ihr neben einer Real-Video Version hier...

"In its premiere season, ENTERPRISE ventured into a world audiences only thought they knew."

    [Shot of Enterprise in space near an Earth-like planet.]
    [Shot of the Shuttlepod descending into the atmosphere of the planet in "Shockwave."]
    [Reed, Archer and T'Pol inside the Shuttlepod.]

"After all, the show's taking place 150 years before Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock came along."

    [Scene continues as the shuttlepod encounters the atmospheric burst in "Shockwave."]

"So the first mission out has featured a lot of unexpected adventures."

    [Shot of Reed approaching a topless Hoshi]
    [Reed looks her up and down in a surprised fashion.]
    [Medium shot on Hoshi.]
    Hoshi: Whatever you're about to say, I don't want to hear it. Just get me a shirt.
    [Shot of Scott Bakula backstage.]
    Bakula: Sometimes we get into problems that we're not really prepared for yet. But that's been a lot of the fun of the first season, that we're not the perfect, got it all together, starship...
    [Rear shot of the Enterprise being fired on by Suliban pod vessels.]
    Bakula,... that most people are used to seeing.
    [Shot of Hoshi on the bridge during the attack, camera sweeps left to Trip at his station.]

"But since it's a prequel to the original, it's given both cast and crew a fresh new perspective."
[Shot of the underside of the Enterprise.]
[Phase cannon lowers from the door and fires.]
[Shot of the beam hitting a Suliban vessel, which explodes.]
[Shot sweeps to reveal Enterprise being pummelled by additional Suliban fire.]
Bakula: It's really kind of reinvigorated everyone by going back and being the first. All the creative people have had to rethink everything...
[Bridge shot sweeps right to Hoshi at her station.]
Hoshi: The lead ships are overtaking us!
Bakula: ...and all the visual effects people had to kind of start from scratch.
[Bakula backstage.]
Bakula: ...and it just got everybody jazzed up again, and the response has been fantastic.
[T'Pol with phase pistol in hand aims up toward a hatch.]
[Reveal inside of a shuttlepod with Archer and Trip in foreground.]
[Trip works the controls.]

    "But the biggest mission of all the stars face is keeping true to the STAR TREK phenomenon."

      [Shot of Jolene Blalock backstage.]
      Blalock: The viewers in this case with STAR TREK, I mean, they are avid viewers. If we launch a missile out the wrong port then we're gonna get letters. So if I do something wrong as a Vulcan...
      [Shot of Suliban soldiers lifting T'Pol to her feet in a dark chamber.]
      [She struggles.]
      Blalock: ...I mean, who am I, to create a character, and this alien that has existed in the hearts and minds of viewers for so many years? So how am I going to carry that off?
      [Shot reveals the Transporter room, as Trip drops from the ceiling and overtakes the Suliban, freeing T'Pol.]
      [The Suliban fall to the ground and Trip, T'Pol and Reed prepare for the next move.]
      [Shot of a shuttlepod connected to the Enterprise umbilical, which rips off, sending Suliban into space.]

    "As we begin a new season, the Enterprise is on its way home after apparently causing the destruction of an alien planet..."

      [Shot of a shuttlepod rising to the surface from a planet.]
      [Shot of a devasted 31st century landscape from above.]
      [Archer and Daniels enter, dialogue of scene difficult to discern.]

    "And Scott Bakula's Commander Archer is lost in time searching for the enemy Suliban."

      [Bakula backstage.]
      Bakula: Well first of all, they have to figure out how to get me back [laughs].
      Shot of Archer and Daniels in the 31st century.
      Archer: If you brought me 800 years into the future, into THIS future, I think I deserve some answers.
      Blalock: (Voicover) How are we going to get our captain back? And first off, where is he?
      [Blalock backstage.]
      Blalock: And we're also about to be, um, attacked by the Suliban, who thought that he was on his way to their ship. So, they don't believe us, they think that we still have him, we think that they have him, but really he's slipped somewhere in the middle.
      [Shot of T'Pol restrained by the Suliban.]
      [Pan upward to reveal Silik.]
      Silik: Your captain is gone; did Daniels take him into the past or the future?
      T'Pol: The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.
      [Off Silik's displeasure...]
      [Shot of Earth-like planet.]

    "The search promises plenty more of what the cast believes has made the show a success."

      [Shot of bridge as Archer leads Trip and T'Pol through the rear door ("Shockwave").]
      [Shot of Mayweather's reaction.]
      Bakula: What's great about this show, this version they're trying to recapture a lot of the energy from the original series...
      [Scene continues from part one in Archer's ready room.]
      [Bakula backstage.]
      Bakula: A lot of the camaraderie, the friendship built between the crew; a lot of the humor, which I think we've been pretty successful at. Along with a great sense of adventure.
      [Blalock backstage.]
      Blalock: I think that that loyalty is just going to grow and grow and grow and grow. From the original series there was an immense loyalty and respect between Bones, Kirk and Spock. It's a matter of slowly showing how that came to be.
      [Shot of the Enterprise near and Earth-like planet.]

    "And the growing fleet of ENTERPRISE fans will be anxious to see that play out."

      [Shot of the Enterprise going to warp from behind.]

    "Don't miss the season premiere of ENTERPRISE, next Wednesday at 8/7 central on UPN."

    Vielen Dank an dailytrek.de für Teile dieser Meldung.

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    Wir freuen uns auf deinen Beitrag!


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